Construction begins in 1893[divider]

 1/20/1893 Busy Deadwood

If there is another city of equal size on Uncle Sam’s domain today that can show a substantial growth and prosperity proportionate to that in Deadwood today, the Pioneer does not know where it is located. We have no boom and don’t want any, but we are having a steady, substantial, and permanent growth, not of the mushroom sort, but of oak, and the brick and granite walls which are rising in our midst today will stand long after the present generation has passed away. There are at present in course of erection in this city substantial buildings to the value of fully a quarter of a million of dollars, while there is every indication that the coming season will see a greater number of important buildings erected here than for several years past. Martin and Mason will build at the northwest corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. The foundation will be for a heavy stone building, but will be covered the first year by a frame structure 25 x 100 feet, to be occupied as a commission house by Denman and Gifford.

What Lincoln Said

After the second battle of Bull Run, Lincoln is said to have exclaimed, “Well, I’ve heard of being knocked into the middle of next week, but I never heard of being pitched into the middle of last year.”  [divider]

1/25/1893 The City

Messrs Martin & Mason are getting ready for building operations at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets and offer for sale the old buildings now on their property.

[divider] 1/26/1893 

A Magnificent Building

Martin & Mason on yesterday awarded to Robert Evans a contract for the construction of foundation and basement walls for the building to be erected on the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. The foundation and basement walls will be built with a view of sustaining the weight of a three-story building of stone and brick. The lot fronts 25 feet on Sherman street and 100 feet on Deadwood. A well lighted and ventilated basement with a nine-foot ceiling will be made. The owners had only contemplated the erection of a frame building over the basement, but after more mature deliberation have about determined to erect a substantial three-story building of cut stone or a combination of stone and brick. The plans now under consideration contemplate a building that will exceed in beauty and solidity the city hall building. Denman and Gifford will occupy the first floor and basement, 25 feet on Sherman street by 75 feet on Deadwood. The second story will be arranged for offices and suites of rooms, of which the owners Messrs. Martin & Mason will occupy a number especially arranged for their use. The long stretch of sunshine on the south side will make these the most desirable offices in the city and prospective tenants will be more numerous than room. The third story will also be arranged for offices or sleeping rooms. The building will be modern in all that the word implies. It is more than probable that the Pioneer will occupy 25 feet fronting on Deadwood street of the entire three stories and basement. If negotiations now pending are consummated , the west end of the building will be built especially for the Pioneer making it the most metropolitan like newspaper office in the state. [divider]  2/05/1893

Architect Archibald yesterday submitted plans and specifications to Messrs. Martin & Mason for their proposed building on the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. The plans are for either two or three stories with a good, well-lighted basement. Either plan will make a handsome, well arranged building to be faced with St. Louis pressed brick trimmed with cut stone. [divider] 

2/05/1893 The City

Sergeants Ree and Chasing Hawk, Corporal Jo. Lefthand and Privates Sets and Talks, Pulls off Two, and War bonnet, of the Sioux Indian guard came up yesterday to see the Indian prisoners Iwicakezo and Nu-Nu-l’a. The latter yesterday gave his correct name as “Kills-The-Two.”

Ground was broken yesterday for the business block to be erected by Martin & Mason at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. It is not unlikely that the entire west side of Sherman street between Lee Street and the court house will be built up in brick in a short time and much of it this coming summer. [divider] 

2/08/1893 The City

Workmen were engaged yesterday moving the hoisting derrick from the Masonic temple basement to the ground where the Martin & Mason block will be erected at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets and which will be began at once and pushed to early completion. [divider]

02/16/1893 The City

Just now building matters are comparatively quiet for Deadwood, but there is a remarkable “getting ready” going on in several important directions, and it won’t be long before the music of the saw and hammer will be ringing all over the city. In the meantime there is work enough in this direction under way to make an ordinary city of Deadwood’s size think they had a boom in building , but which here is classed as a season of quiet. Martin& Mason are pushing their work at the corner of Sherman Street, and will have a handsome brick block up and completed while some other people are thinking about it. [divider] 2/24/1893 The City 

For years past Wild Bill’s grave has been one of the leading attractions of Deadwood. Strangers by the thousands visiting our city have tramped up to Mount Moriah to view the resting place of this notorious character. Those coming in the future however will witness a much more beautiful grave than the one they may now see. .Captain Jack stated yesterday that he had ordered a neat fence from Chicago and other fixtures which should adorn the resting place of his old Comrade in the future, and that he would not economize in the matter of making the grave exceedingly attractive.

Martin & Mason have about decided to build their new block on the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets but two stories high. They will have heavy walls erected, however, so that a third story may be added at any time. They have not decided whether to build entirely of stone or partly of St. Louis pressed brick, but will quite likely use stone exclusively. Mr. Martin brought a beautiful stone with him yesterday from the Elm Creek Quarry, near Hot Springs, where he will purchase the trimmings for this handsome building. [divider] 

02/28/1893 The City

When you go to Hot Springs, bear in mind the fact that by taking the Burlington route you have a daylight ride in both directions. You arrive at Hot Springs in time for supper , and returning, you leave after breakfast.

When leaving for health resorts the first consideration is comfort in traveling. The Elkhorn reaches Hot Springs in five hours, has only one change to California points, and only two to Hot Springs, Ark., and New Orleans.

Teamsters have began delivering the stone for the foundation of Martin & Mason’s new building, and the stone masons will be set to work in a few days.

Mabel Feay, one of the prostitutes of this city was arrested in Lead by Officers Connors and Ryan at a late hour last night. She is charged with having stolen a trunk from Hattie Louis. The Trunk was found at the Worlds Fair Saloon.  [divider]

03/03/1893 Missing Article: Will be two stories, stone from Elm Creek quarry near Hot Springs [divider]

03/8/1893 Missing Article: Foundation stone being delivered. [divider]


A Fake Report

It was reported on our streets yesterday that the Culbertson and Keere boys, who avenged the murder of the cowboys recently killed near Hermosa had themselves been killed by a band of Indians on the Cheyenne river. Sheriff Beaver of Meade County was in town, and when asked about the reported killing he said there was no truth in it, as he had taken particular pains to investigate the matter. It is said that there are a number of parties living near the reservation who are trying to stir up a row with the Indians, and it is these who are sending out all of the recent wild reports regarding affairs on the reservation.

Notwithstanding the fact that winter as not entire disappeared, building has commenced in earnest. …. masons are working on the basement walls of the Martin & Mason Block on Deadwood Street and numerous other buildings are under way. [divider] 


To Suppress Slugging

New Orleans, March 11—Efforts are being made here to suppress future intended prize fighting. The church people are leading the movement and are warmly seconded by all the better classes. SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENTS Numerous Blocks and Handsome Residences to be Erected this Summer.

Although the building season has not yet fairly begun, there are numerous preparations being made by our citizens for the immediate erection of a number of handsome and substantial business blocks, residences, etc., which warrant the prediction that the coming summer will see more money expended in buildings in this town than in any previous year. ….

The Martin & Mason Block on the corner of Sherman and Pine Streets will be 25 x 100 feet, two stories and a basement. The first floor will be occupied for store purposes, while the send floor will be taken up with office rooms, nine in number. The building will be built so as to allow of another story being added next season. It will be constructed out of pressed brick and will cost about $9000. Work on this block is already in progress.

[divider] The Martin Mason Building is located in downtown Deadwood South Dakota.  Built in 1893, it was recently restored in the 00’s and was reopened in 2007. Now operating on the ground floor as the Wooden Nickel Casino with over 80 slots and restaurant. On the second floor is Deadwoods favorite downtown hotel the Martin Mason Hotel which features eight rooms restored in Victorian style. On the third floor is the 1898 Ballroom, a large gathering space for deadwood weddings, events, conferences and meetings. Deadwood and the Martin Mason Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite location for black hills weddings with it’s central location to everything Deadwood has to offer. [divider]

4/05/1893 The City

The foundation for Martin & Mason new brick block on Sherman street is nearly complete, and the materials for the superstructure are being delivered on the ground.

The French citizens of Terraville and Central are having considerable quiet enjoyment over the discomfiture of one of their countrymen who has been posing as a masher. This fellow boasted of having made “ze grand mash” on an estimable lady of Terraville and of a ride they were to take on last Sunday. Attired in his best clothes and an extra curl on his fierce mustache, he drove up to the lady’s residence for the proposed ride and was told that she had just gone with a handsomer man. [divider]

04/09/1893 The City

The foundation walls for both the Martin & Mason and the DeMouth, Whealen & Graves blocks have been completed, and both buildings will soon begin to assume form.

Wolf and Abe Fink of Lead visited the metropolis yesterday and improved the occasion and pleasant weather to settle an old grudge. One of Wolf’s fists interviewed Abe’s nose, and for this little festivity Wolf appeared before Justice Belding and contributed $4 and costs to the running expenses of the city. Abe wasn’t charged anything for his part of the fun. [divider]

04/26/1893 The City

It begins to look as though Sherman street was going to put in a claim for a portion of the city’s business. The building of a handsome brick block by Martin & Mason is to be followed by another on the opposite side of the street, built by Franklin and Baer for the Black Hills Mercantile Company, and if other blocks, or even one-half of them which have been talked of are added, the street will command attention in business circles.

Pure and wholesome quality commends to public approval the California liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. It is pleasant to the taste and by acting gently on the kidneys, liver, and bowels to cleanse the system effectually, it promotes the health and comfort of all who use it, and with millions it is the best and only remedy. [divider] 

04/27/1893 The City’

Word was received by ‘phone last evening from Rapid to the effect that John Johnson better known as “Dutch John” an old prospector was found dead in his cabin at Rockerville yesterday.

The condition of William Hogan, the man who was shot in the neck several evenings ago, is not as favorable as Dr. Conrad had hoped for, one cause being the man’s intemperate habits prior to the shooting. The bullet has been definitely located from the exterior, and an operation for its removal will probably be made today.

The building to be erected by Franklin and Baer on Sherman street for the use of the Black Hills mercantile company will be an imposing structure and one of the most attractive in the city. It will be three stories probably a stone front, and with solid brick walls, and with the handsome Martin & Mason block, which is already assuming proportions, will add much to the business appearances of that portion of the city.


06/02/1893 The City. There was weather yesterday to suit everybody—clouds and sunshine, some rain and just a little snow.  The second story window frames were set yesterday in Martin & Mason’s handsome new business block at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. [divider] 

6/20/1893 The City. If you want money, go and see Uncle Tom, he can attend to your wants. Unredeemed pledges for sale cheap.

The handsome Russia iron cornice built by the Deadwood cornice and plumbing company for the Martin & Mason Block is being put in position. It is a handsome piece of work and will grace the most attractive business block in town.

In his Sunday evening sermon on “Why Men get Drunk” Rev. McConnell remarked that men often take a drink to bolster them up for some trying ordeal, citing among others, to have a tooth pulled—and at this point the reverend gentleman, evidently recalling some personal experience, remarked: “ And if there is a time in the whole course of human existence when a little whiskey would seem excusable, it is then; in fact I would feel like granting a dispensation to a man to take a drink when he is going to have a tooth pulled.” [divider] 

06/23/1893 The City

The upper joists were being laid on the Martin & Mason block yesterday, and the building will be ready for the roof in a few days. [divider]

08/01/1893 The City

Ask your dealer for the Wild Bill and Imported Leaf cigars, manufactured by H. P. Bartholemew, Deadwood

Compound oxygen makes new blood and purifies the system. Office opposite the Wentworth house, Main Street.

The handsome brick block being built on Sherman street by Martin & Mason is nearing completion. The plasterers are now putting the white coat on the first floor. It will be one of the neatest business blocks in the Hills


Dix Noel, formerly collector for the Merchants National bank of this city, but for the past two months assistant cashier for the Calumet Electric railway company of Chicago, was held up at 3 o’clock last Thursday and robbed of $1,000. Noel says he was counting the day’s receipts when someone stepped inside, and , with gun in hand, demanded the money, which he got. The robber then tied Noel’s hands and feet and carried him into the vault, where he was found a short time afterwards more dead than alive with fright. [divider] 

08/24/1893 The City

Messrs. Martin & Mason can boast of having the handsomest and most modern building in the city. The building, which is built in the prevailing style of architecture, is fitted up with all the appliances conducive to comfort and convenience. Electric bells in every room, electric lights inside closets and steam heat are some of the many advantages it possesses over like buildings of its kind. It was built as a business block and as such possesses conveniences for the businessman unexcelled. The building contains two storerooms on the first floor and nine good sized, lofty rooms on the second floor. All the interior wood furnishings are oil-finished, highly polished, the hall and stair woods being of oak nicely finished. As an evidence of the suitability of the rooms as offices, all the upper floor have been rented. Martin & Mason will occupy the three front rooms en suite, Moody & Washabaugh the next three fronting on Deadwood street, while the three remaining rooms will be occupied by Peck and Anderson. The lower floor with the exception of the small show room on the Deadwood street side, is occupied by Hornberger, the grocer, who has a mammoth stock of groceries. The building, from the outside, presents a strikingly handsome appearance, being of red sandstone and surrounded by a heavy ornamental cornice.

A High Liver

Usually has a bad liver. He is bilious, constipated, has indigestion and dyspepsia. If there is no organic trouble, a few doses of Parks’ Sure Cure will tone him up. Parks’ Sure Cure is the only liver and kidney cure we sell on a positive guarantee. Price $1 For sale by Kirk G. Phillips. [divider] 

08/31/1893 The City

The weight of a fish cannot be accurately gauged by its length. And it is the same way with an editorial.[divider]

The simplest wants are attended with the most genuine happiness. The best banquet that a man ever sat down to was never relished half so heartily as the core of his chum’s apple away back in primary school days, when we felt the best in our bare feet, with our pants rolled clear to our knees.


The upper suite of rooms in the new Martin & Mason block are being fitted up as offices for the proprietors of the building. The change from the present quarters over the Merchants bank will probably be made within a week. The lower floor of the new building will be occupied by J. L. Denman as a carriage repository.


In the case brought in Justice Stanus’ court in Gayville by Al Swearengen vs. Hattie Lewis, for the recovery of $50 he claimed to have loaned her, the judge, after hearing the evidence, which was rich and interesting, dismissed the case, assessing the costs to the plaintiff. S. C..Folly appeared in behalf of the plaintiff and James Frawley for the defense. [divider]