Olympic Hall remodeling done. Hardly recognizable. Upper floor partitioned off into many small rooms. Modern Kitchen added. New Heating facilities.


Francis J. Parker opens offices in Martin Mason block, ground floor facing Deadwood St.


All floors of the Martin & Mason Block being remodeled. Main IOOF rooms on 3rd floor face Burlington station. Ea lodge has storage room. H. B. Wardman Hardware has basement and ground floor with Telegram, Western Union & Parker 2nd floor-M/M, Drs Moffitt & Pemberton.


Norman Mason moving to California.


Child fell from window Clark bldg 2nd floor, died.


Fire in Odd Fellows (Martin & mason Block) most damage on main floor.


The Ole Style nightclub opens to the public tomorrow, corner of Deadwood and Sherman.


Opening of Ole Style reported.


Mr. & Mrs. Louis Banks, formerly of Louie’s chicken hut on Lee St. take charge of kitchen at Ole Style.


Ban on operation of slot machines.


Ole Style remodeled dining room looks like cave.


Remodeling Sherman street front of Odd Fellows bldg occupied by Ole Style Buffet, eliminating v-shaped entrance and bringing doors out to sidewalk, Harrison Ballard, Deadwood, contractors.


Ole Style moves to 657 Main St.,


New Storeroom in IOOF bldg open for E.O. Lampinen, Black Hills Jewelry manufacturer “completely remodeled and newly decorated” opposite Adams Museum.


Daniels Floral shop move to corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets in IOOF bldg, formerly Lampinen’s jewelry shop.


Trailway Bus depot will move from franklin Hotel to Deadwood street next t Western Union in bldg formerly occupied by Custer Mining account co.

[divider] The Martin Mason Building is located in downtown Deadwood South Dakota.  Built in 1893, it was recently restored in the 00’s and was reopened in 2007. Now operating on the ground floor as the Wooden Nickel Casino with over 80 slots and restaurant. On the second floor is Deadwoods favorite downtown hotel the Martin Mason Hotel which features eight rooms restored in Victorian style. On the third floor is the 1898 Ballroom, a large gathering space for deadwood weddings, events, conferences and meetings. Deadwood and the Martin Mason Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite location for black hills weddings with it’s central location to everything Deadwood has to offer. [divider]