S. C. Polly has moved his office from the Martn and Mason block to rooms 205-206-207, Black Hills Trust and Savings Bank building.

For a full menu try our Labrador fancy mackeral at 15c each at Goldberg’s.



During the past week there has been organized in this city the Deadwood Dramatic club, the members of which are already engaged in rehearsing a play which they propose presenting the latter part of the present month, the exact date to be announced later. Their first efforts will be devoted to the production of “Brown, of Harvard,” a comedy which is specially adapted to the various talents of the members of the club.

The rehearsals are being conducted under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Gurley Kane, who has had marked success in this line of work in the past. Her own dramatic ability has been demonstrated in tis city, where on two occasions, she has given recitals which met with most flattering approval. As a feature of the presentation of “Brown of Harvard” the patrons and patronesses of the club will occupy the boxes, which will be decorated in the Harvard colors. The officers of the club are:

President—Clarence Parker.

Vice President—Miss Florence Trask.

Secretary and Treasurer—Joe Greenstone.

The names of the patrons and patronessess follow:

Mayor and Mrs. W. E. Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Strattan

Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Schlichting.

Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Jamison.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McLaughlin.

Mr. and Mrs H. W. Trask

Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Maitland.

Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Jackson.

Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Ogden

Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hough

Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Mason

Mrs. Evelyn Furley Kane.

Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Moffitt.

Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Loucks.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Elder.

Mr. D. A. McPherson.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Wilson

Mr. W. H. Bonham

Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Medbury.

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Russell.

Mr. And Mrs. J.L. Bentley


The socialist party of Lawrence county deprived itself of the possibility of appearing on the primary election ballot through neglecting to circulate nominating petitions until almost the last moment. The time for filing such petitions with the auditor expired at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon and one minute before that hour Ed Ballinger appeared with eleven petitions, which would have been accepted had they contained the necessary number of signatures. The law requires that such petitions must have as signers, three per cent of the number of votes cast by that party in the county, at the last general election. The socialists cast 992 votes in the fall of 1908 and consequently their nominating petitions should have had 30 signers. As a matter of fact, only one of them, that of Allen McMillan, for state senator, contained that number and hence this was the only one that the auditor could accept.

When this later became known to the leaders of the party, they decided to file no petition for the primary election, as they can get their full ticket on the ballot next fall by petition. If they had allowed McMillan to go on the primary ballot under the head of “Socialist Ticket,” his would have been the only name on the socialist ticket in the fall election and the remainder of them would have to select another name under which to run. The candidates which they had selected were as follows:

State senators, Allen McMillan, J. C. May; representatives, Richard Kempe, J. E. Dahl, M. J. Foley, Adam Singar; sheriff, Richard Waugh; treasurer, J. C. Clancy; assessor, Frank Johnson; register of deeds, Geo. Godfrey; auditor, S. R. Maki



The recently organized Deadwood Dramatic club which is now rehearsing “Brown of Harvard” under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Gurley Kane, have leased the Olympic club rooms, which will be remodeled and improved for their use. They will arrange a studio and rooms for rehearsals.

In addition to the patrons and patronesses named at a recent meeting of the club, the following have been added to the list; Col. and Mrs. W. J. Thornby, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Flower and Mr. And Mrs. L. M. Phillips. The club is making most encouraging progress in their rehearsal of the play, which they will present at the Deadwood theatre some time this month. The exact date will be announced tomorrow.


Dog taxes are due and payable May 1st. All owners of dogs will therefore kindly pay these taxes at once.


City Treasurer .


One feature of my business which receives careful attention is the retrimming of hats. In this way you can often make your present hat serve another season.

Mrs. Hemler, 45 Sherman Str.


New Place to Eat.

The newest eating place in Deadwood is that to be opened by Charles Wagner at 29 Deadwood street, opposite the Western Union office. Mr. Wagner will serve his first meal Thursday noon. The place has not before been used as a restaurant and is being fitted newly throughout, Mr. Wagner’s aim to make it convenient for his own use and attractive and comfortable to patrons.

With the ability and experience as cook and restauranteur which characterizes the entire Wagner family, it goes without saying that Mr. Wagner will be able to please his patrons. He, until recently, has conducted the Homestake hotel in Lead, which has been a busy place under his direction.

His wife and family will help him in conducting this place and besides the fact that this will work for economy, it will be an aid to perfect service. Every member will feel a personal interest in the success of the business and the help problem will not be a problem here. Charlie hopes to see many of his old friends on hand to greet him the first day. And he feels that after they have tried the place once they will come again and again.

The 100-yard foot race for a purse of $500 between George Ronin of Deadwood, and Roy Kendreth of Rapid city, will take p lace at the latter place next Sunday afternoon, as Mayor Adams objected to it being run here on the ground that it is a gambling proposition and as no form of gambling, open on on the quiet, is permitted in Deadwood, the mayor decided that this city could not stand for it.



According to present arrangements the new cafe which Chalk and Ollie Wagner will conduct in the Martin & Mason building at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets, will open for business with dinner tomorrow. The place will far surpass anything of the kind ever opened in Deadwood, the appointments, decorations and general arrangements being the most complete and up-to-date every seen here.

Everything in the place will be new and of the best quality. The walls have been decorated under the direction of Chet Henderson, who has exercised on them his best efforts. Along the south side of the room will be stretched a solid hardwood counter, with plenty of room for fifteen comfortable stools. Back of the counter is a steel range for the preparation of short orders and adjoining it is a steam heated warming apparatus. On the opposite side of the room will be ranged a row of tables, while in an apartment in the rear of the cafe the principal cooking will be done.


is a wonderful remedy in the prevention and cure of all diseases of the lungs, throat and stomach and for all weakening and wasting conditions. It is an absolutely pure, gentle and invigorating stimulant and tonic. When taken at meal time it stimulates the mucous surfaces and little glands of the stomach to a healthy action, thereby improving the digestion and assimilation of the food and giving to the system its full proportion of nourishment. Prescribed by doctors and recognized as a family medicine everywhere.

  [divider] The Martin Mason Building is located in downtown Deadwood South Dakota.  Built in 1893, it was recently restored in the 00’s and was reopened in 2007. Now operating on the ground floor as the Wooden Nickel Casino with over 80 slots and restaurant. On the second floor is Deadwoods favorite downtown hotel the Martin Mason Hotel which features eight rooms restored in Victorian style. On the third floor is the 1898 Ballroom, a large gathering space for deadwood weddings, events, conferences and meetings. Deadwood and the Martin Mason Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite location for black hills weddings with it’s central location to everything Deadwood has to offer. [divider]



Before tonight everything will be in readiness for the opening of the Wagner Cafe, which Chalk and Ollie Wagner have established n the Martin and Mason block. The place will be thrown open to the public for breakfast tomorrow morning and Deadwood will see the best equipped cafe in this section of the country. That it will be excellently conducted , goes without saying, as the Wagners have established a reputation as caterers here that is founded on past service.

The cafe room has been most artistically decorated by C. H. Henderson, the walls being embellished with designs wrought in English Mardi cloth, oat meal and panela with paintings, of familiar Black Hills scenes. Oriental and Greek figures also find a place in the adornments.

The lunch counter, tables, chairs, dishes, ranges, warmers and all the other accessories are new and elegant and in keeping with the general up-to-date appearance of the establishment.

If times flies too fast to suit you, you can make it drag out to a young eternity by a continuous effort to quit smoking


In Five days You Can Get rid of All Skin Eruptions by the

New Calcium Sulphide Wafers

Trial Package to Prove It Sent Free

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Send us your name and address today and we will at once send you by mail a sample package free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., 175 Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich.


Olympic Bakery Moves

Mr. Cohen, who has been running the Olympic Bakery on Sherman street has moved his business over to the Vienna Bakery on Main street. He has made a big success of the Olympic and is now in a position to make his new business even more so. His goods will be fresh and his place attractive.

Kicked by a Mad Horse

Samuel Birch, of Beetown, Wis., had a most marrow escape from losing his leg, as no doctor cold heal the frightful sore that developed, but at last Bucklen’s Arnica Salve cured it completely. Its the greatest healer of ulcers, burns, boils, eczema, scales, cuts, corns, cold-sores, bruises and piles on earth. Try it, 25c at All Druggists.


I have for sale about 25 head of mixed cattle; anyone wishing same can see them here for next few days. C. D. Calhoun


James Wilson, the baker in whose place on Sherman street originated the fire of September, 1879, which all but swept Deadwood from the map, died at Rapid City on Monday of this week, aged 80 years.


In taking stock we find that we are long on the following goods, which we will close out at bargain prices:

200 cans No 2 Puyallup Srawberries and Blackberries, 40 per cent syrup , per can 15c

No. 3 grapes . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15c

No. 33 Windmill apricots . . . .15c

No. 2 Standard corn, 3 cans . . .25c

No. 2 Pumpkins, 3 cans . . . . . .25c

1-2 pound Libby’s whole lunch tongue, 2 cans for . . . . . 25c

Cotton gloves, per pair . . . . . . .05c

2 dozen eggs at . . . . . . . . . . . . .45c

and just as a reminder, Goldberg’s when you are looking for a first class drink. We roast all of our own coffees fresh every day. We are prepared to deliver our Special Blend, 3 pounds for $1.00 by parcel post. One trial will convince.


37 years experience in this line at your disposal.

J. P. Morrow, the Chiropodist, can remove your corns and bunions without pain, at No. 13 West Main Street, Lead. Campbell House Barber Shop.



A. E. Bailie has given up charge of the Franklin dining room and cafe and in a few days will open up a restaurant in the building on Main street formerly occupied by H. H. Keimer.

The Franklin dining room will be opened again Sunday morning with Chalk Wagner in charge of the establishment. He will close the cafe he is now operating at the corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets.



The art exhibit which will be held during five days of this week, commencing Tuesday, in the room in the Martin and Mason building on Sherman street, formerly occupied by Wagner’s restaurant, promises to be an event of much interest. The exhibit will contain reproductions of the world’s greatest masterpieces in art comprising in all more than 200 pictures. One of the objects of the affair is the securing of a fund with which to purchase pictures to be hung on the walls of the public school class rooms.

An admission fee of ten cents will be charged and with the fund thus required as many as possible of the pictures will be bought. The exhibit will open Tuesday evening at 7:30 o’clock, with the following short program:


The federal authorities appear to have given this section of the Black Hills special attention in their investigation of white slavery traffic. One of the resort keepers of the district, Anna Woods, against whom an indictment is said to have been found at Kansas City, following a confession and plea of guilty by Thelma Campbell, has sought a place of safety, presumably in Canada, and another it is alleged, is preparing to depart. One man who has been connected with one of the resorts, left about a week ago, and is understood to have gone to Europe. A woman in the employ of the government, is said to have been an inmate of one of the Lead houses for two months.

Canada is a safe place of refuge for persons accused of white slavery, as the offense is not extraditable, the last extradition treaty with that country having been signed before the Mann white salve act was passed by congress. In the matter of extradition, it is necessary that the offense be specifically mentioned in the treaty, otherwise, an alleged offender cannot be brought from the country in which he has taken refuge.


A most unusual motor car test was made last week when Teddy Tetzlaff, the great racing driver, went for a drive over the country roads of California in a Cartercar. Tetzlaff has always driven the most powerful geared racing cars he could secure, but when he drove the Cartercar up 50 per cent grade and on the rough country roads at a rate of fifty miles per hour, he was astonished and enthusiastically exclaimed that the car was a wonder.

Tetzlaff is an expert mechanician but he would hardly believe that such efficiency could be embodied in such a simple car. The Cartercar is the car that has been attracting so much attention because of the ability to climb 50 per cent grades and carry a full load at the time.

This was the first car to successfully adopt the simple form of gearless transmission, and although it has not been pushed to any great extent, it is today one of the most popular medium priced cars.

We only have one man in our complaint department” says Mr. Harry R. Radford, vice president and general manager of the Cartercar company, “and he is going to be transferred and his work added to the duties of the assistant sales manager.”



There is a possibility that the Deadwood Homestad of Yeoman may secure the top floor of the Martin & Mason and Clark buildings for lodge rooms. A deal with that end in view is now pending and there is a probability that it may be successfully carried out. According to the plans under discussion, they would secure the Olympic hall and adjoining rooms for a term of two years. There was a question as to what it would cost to have the premises remodeled, so as to make them serviceable for lodge purposes and if this expense is found not to be great, the deal will probably be consummated.


The spine is almost invariably at fault. The osteopath reaches the nerve centers directly by restoring natural movements in the spine, routs disease after other systems fail. Dr. Vallier, osteopath, Olympic block. $1 per treatment. 2-7-tf

The finest outfit of lodge room furniture ever received in the Black Hills, arrived here yesterday for the local Yeoman homestead. It will be in place and use at the next meeting.



At the time the local homestead of Yeomen was discussing the advisibility of renting the top floor of the Martin & Mason and Clark buildings, the proposition did not meet with the approval of all the members and there were those who predicted that it would be found to be an losing venture. Their prediction, however, has proven false, for the books of the recorder, DR. F. V. Babcock, show that the homestead is now in better financial condition than at the time the move was made. In fact the treasury shows a balance on the right side, almost $120 greater than it was six months ago.

And in accomplishing this result, the members have not been asked to forego any of the social pleasures, which it is the custom of the homestead to offer from time to time. There have been just as many social functions as formerly and no particular effort has been made to curtail expenses.

It is expected that a better financial showing will be made in the future, as the new lodge rooms will be in greater demand than every by outside organizations, which, on account of their many conveniences, will find them desirable quarters to rent for dances and other social functions, thus increasing the receipts. The local homestead has not only increased its cash balance, but has provided itself with greatly improved lodge rooms.


WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 31.——-

After months of close study of the business outlook of the nation, Secretary Redfield of the commerce department, wrote today his New Year greeting to the merchants and manufacturers, bidding them reach out for the prosperity which he sees within their grasp. There is no warrant for gloom or despair, he says. The ill effect of the European war on American enterprise is passing and a new vista for commercial venture is opening daily. “think of Belgium and Poland you man with a grouch, and slink into your hole, and pull it in after you”. He says to think of your sins and your blessings, and come out with your courage in working order. There is nothing the matter with the man with a grouch but absentee heart and a missing nerve. Cheer up, go to work do your best, quit talking misery. The wars over yonder are not here. “The floating debt of the United States to foreign countries has been paid in goods,” he says, and he looks to the approaching of the day when the United States will be a creditor nation.


H. B. Wardman is moving his plumbing establishment form its present location on Sherman street to the front room on the ground floor of the Martin & Mason building, at the northwest corner of Deadwood and Sherman streets.

George H. Kilker of th Kilker garage announces that the first Dodge car will reach Deadwood next week and will be on exhibition at his place. Three of them are being sent out from the Omaha agency; one goes to O’Neill, one to Valentine and one to Deadwood.

Genuine Owl creek coal $7.50 per ton. MULLEN & ROURKE. Phone 196.



Chalk Wagner will reopen in Martin & Mason Bldg. Salesroom on main floor, lunches, soda water, ice cream etc. Behind this room is kitchen, Bakery in Basement.


Fire damages Charles Bernaugh meat market on Sherman St. near corner of Lee, near where Fire of ’79 started.


Black Hills Mercantile Company organized. Rapid City, Sturgis, Belle Fourche, Lead, Deadwood and other towns represented.


Wagner Bakery sold to E. H. Swandler


Rumor IOOF purchased Martin & Mason Block for $25,000.


H. L. Sanderson died. Came to Deadwood from San Francisco in 1878, was in painting and paperhanging until 1 year ago.


IOOF raising money to buy Martin & Mason Building


IOOF purchases Olympic Bldg.