10/06/1896 The City

Teeth extracted without pain for 50 cents. Special offer for thirty days only, at Dr. Conger’s dental office.


It is probable that Martin & Mason will add a third story to their stone building on Sherman street next year to correspond with the three story stone building being erected by F. D. Smith joining the Martin & Mason building. The foundations were laid with a view to the possible erection of a third story and it could be added at a comparatively small outlay. Steam pipes and radiators are being placed in the building and it will be heated by steam from the generator that Mr. Smith will put in this new building. The pipes are going to be large enough to heat the third floor when it is put on. [divider]


An Able Law Team

One of the strongest law firms in the Black Hills was formed yesterday by the union of W. O. Temple and Frank McLaughlin, who will hereafter be known in business as Temple & McLaughlin. They will occupy the suite of rooms that Mr. McLaughlin has held for the last year and a half in the Martin & Mason block fronting on Deadwood street, and Mr. Temple began moving his office furniture and effects yesterday. The firm will have one of the most complete libraries in the city, and singularly neither duplicates the other except in a few text books, their sets dovetailing with each other admirably. This is going to make a formidable team in the law business and Mr. Temple and Mr. McLaughlin are both able men, and the establishment starts off with a lucrative practice. [divider] 

08/29/1897 The City

Martin & Mason and Horace Clark are considering the matter of putting up a magnificent three-story stone and brick building on Sherman street. Plans have been made and the details and cost are now being considered. It largely depends on whether or not the Olympic association will take the third story. Should the club so decide, the building will go up immediately. The Martin & Mason building will be raised another story and Mr. Clark’s building will go up on the adjoining lot, forming a building 50 feet front on Sherman street and 100 feet deep. The third story will be used by the Olympic and be fitted up elegantly.

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” Go to the “Red Anvil” and buy a good article. It will be cheapest in the end.

Architect Hein informs us that he is at work upon the plans for the new Martin & Mason and Clark stone and brick building, corner Sherman and Deadwood streets and that we will have the specifications made and be ready to receive bids for excavating, furnishing material and putting up the building by Monday. [divider]



A meeting was held last evening of the members of the Olympic association to take action upon the proposition of Martin & Mason and Horace Clark to lease the entire third story of their proposed building to the club. The directors had the power to accept or reject the proposition, but thought it best to submit it to the members. There was a large attendance and the proposition was adopted without a dissenting voice.

Martin & Mason are to build another story upon their handsome red sand stone building and Mr. Clark will build a three-story block of the same kind of material and general appearance on the adjoining lot making a building 50 x 100 feet, the entire third story to be used by the association. Plans have been made and work will be commenced at once, it being their intention to finish the block before winter sets in.

There will be entrances on both Sherman and Deadwood streets. The third story will be arranged to suit the requirements of the club. The stairway will be near the rear with a wide hall leading to the main hall. To the left will be a billiard room 23 x 33 feet, three bath rooms and lavatory. The main gymnasium and dancing hall will be 48 x 49 feet with fine white maple floor. In the southeast corner will be the reading room 15 x 23. The square hanging window in the corner of the present building will be extended to the roof, giving the reading room such a window. In the northeast room will be a card room 15 x 22. Between these rooms will be large folding doors and the partition between the main hall and these will be a rolling partition which may be easily rolled up and the rooms thrown together.

As we have remarked, the association met last night and accepted the proposition of the owners of the building. The quarters will be heated from F. D. Smith’s boiler in the adjoining building. The association has assurances that its membership will be materially increased and the officers believe they can see their way clear to put in several hundred dollars worth of new furniture which will be needed. The new building will be an ornament not only to Sherman street, but to the city. [divider] 


Architect Hein is busy making plans and specifications for the new building of Horace Clark, and the third story to be added by Martin & mason to their stone building. As soon as the plans are ready, work will be commenced and pushed along as speedily as possible. It is thought the building will be ready for occupancy before January 1st. It will be the finest block in the Black Hills, excepting the Evans hotel. [divider] 

09/02/1897 Missing Article: Architect Hein designing [divider] 

09/16/1897 Missing Article: Ad for bids [divider] 

09/17/1897 Missing Article: Plans done, bids open today. [divider] 


Mullen & Munn, contractors, were awarded contracts yesterday for the erection of the Horace Clark building and building the third story on the Martin & Mason block, at corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets, the third story of which will be occupied by the Olympic association. The Clark building will cost about $10,000 and the improvement of the Martin & Mason building about $4000. The contractors expected to go to work yesterday, tearing down the frame building on the Clark lot, but the Chinese washee man who occupies it could not move until today. Operations will be commenced tomorrow in earnest and the work will be pushed along rapidly. The building must be completed by January 1, 1898 and upon that night the Olympics expect to formally open their new quarters by a dress ball. This will be by far the finest block in the Hills.

The Terry club will come down this afternoon and play a friendly game of ball with the Deadwood Wizards. The game will be called promptly at 2:30. Both clubs have been materially strengthened and a first-class game is looked for. We have not had a game for some time and the people are eager for one.


The Colorado State Dispensary of Denver has its branch office in Lead still open for the treatment of all chronic and difficult diseases including diseases of the eye and ear, catarrh, deafness and singing in the ears. All blood and skin diseases, all diseases or weaknesses in the male, chronic female affections, diseases of stomach and liver, rheumatism, piles and festula, in short all obstinate and so-called incurable diseases. [divider] 


Mullen and Munn, contractors, yesterday executed a bond in favor of Martin & Mason and Horace Clark for the faithful performance of their contract on the new building. They will commence work today removing the old frame building on the Clark lot and will proceed vigorously upon the new building. An extension of time was given them from: January 1st to February 14, to complete the building and the opening ball of the Olympic association will be given either on St. Valentine’s day or Washington’s Birthday. [divider] 

09/23/1897 Missing Article: fire of 1879 originate here, history [divider]  [divider] The Martin Mason Building is located in downtown Deadwood South Dakota.  Built in 1893, it was recently restored in the 00’s and was reopened in 2007. Now operating on the ground floor as the Wooden Nickel Casino with over 80 slots and restaurant. On the second floor is Deadwoods favorite downtown hotel the Martin Mason Hotel which features eight rooms restored in Victorian style. On the third floor is the 1898 Ballroom, a large gathering space for deadwood weddings, events, conferences and meetings. Deadwood and the Martin Mason Ballroom is fast becoming a favorite location for black hills weddings with it’s central location to everything Deadwood has to offer. [divider]


Vim, vigor and victory:—these are the characteristics of DeWitt’s Little Early Risers, the famous little pills for constipation, bilousness and all stomach and liver troubles. K. G. Philips or N. E. Franklin.

Mrs. Eben W. Martin and Mrs. Rev. MacAdam will give a literary party at Mrs. Martin’s home on Friday evening of this week.

There was only one Methodist preacher with the last lot of pilgrims brought out by the Union Hill promoters. They must have run out of preachers.

Under date of September 30, Dr. Stein writes from New York city: “I will not sail abroad today without correcting an old story about the origin of our big fire in ’79. The fire broke out in Stevens bakery. [divider] 


A large force of men is engaged building the foundation wall for the new Clark building on Sherman street and the close of every day shows considerable advancement made. Several men are busy cutting stone for the front. The material is being received in quantities that have put the contractors guessing where to store it. [divider] 


Masons have completed the foundation walls of the Horace Clark new building opposite the B & M depot on Sherman street and yesterday the floor joists were put in and flooring laid. The work is being crowded along rapidly


The wheat crop of Beadle and surrounding counties was disappointing. It did not fill as well as appearances indicated and when put through the thresher only gave an average yield of six bushels per acre. This is not chargeable to a republican state administration but to dry weather while the wheat was in the milk. [divider] 


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If you have any self respect you want to provide well for your family. Go to the Ark and there you will be reminded of their needs by the useful articles you see.

. . . new Clark building on Sherman street. The side wall is about six feet high and is growing fast. Contractor Bond says he will have the walls laid to the roof in three weeks.

Contractor Bond has bought the old brick building on Lee street occupied by the Elkhorn company as a depot and will move it from the lot in a short time. The Elkhorn company will then fill in the space and expects to build a sidetrack to F. D. Smith’s building


The Black Hills Telephone company has recently put in an exchange at Sturgis and has fifteen subscribers. Manager Cornwell of the Harrison Telephone company returned from Belle Fourche last evening where he put in an exchange and has fifteen subscribers. [divider] 




The great event of public interest this week will be the Chrysanthemum show in the city hall on Thursday and Friday evening. The exhibition will be the finest ever seen in the Hills. The Ft. Meade orchestra has been engaged for the occasion.

Era Miller was arrested last night charged with larceny, on complaint of J. R. Kennedy, of Dumont. He claims that the woman stole $15 out of his pocket, at the Green Front Tuesday night. She will have a hearing before Justice Early today.

The contractors are making rapid strides on the new Clark building on Sherman street, considering the unfavorable condition of the weather. The north side wall is nearly ready for the joists of the third floor and Mr. Bond says he will have the walls completed within three weeks. The front is in place up to the second story. [divider] 


Have you tried the new Swan’s Down Flour. There is nothing to equal it. Try a sack and you will use no other. Sold by all grocers in Deadwood.

Why look old and wan, when you can keep young and fresh by Mrs. Winters’ treatments?

Masons have commenced laying the cut stone upon the side and front walls of the Martin & Mason building, corner of Sherman and Deadwood streets. It is a busy scene, a large force of men being employed on the new buildings and it looks as though the contractors will be within their time limit.

Mrs. Estella winters has arrived from the east and opened facial parlors, where she is prepared to remove wrinkles, pimples, and freckles and develop the bust. Her treatments are indorsed by the best physicians and her skin food and other preparations are of the finest material. Call at Mrs. Miller’s. [divider] 


A greater number of well-to-do looking strangers are seen on the streets and at the hotels than at any time since the early ’80s, when all were strangers.

Mrs. H. P. Cheairs gave a very delightful ladies’ luncheon yesterday in honor of Dr. Mary Connor, of Hot Springs, the osteopath physician. Covers were laid for ten.

Sheriff Ingersoll, of Pennington county, came up yesterday with a warrant for James H . Garvey, alias B. G. Wilkinson, wanted for horse stealing and forgery. He returned with his prisoners in the evening.

The hotel and real estate and all forms of mercantile business at Hot Springs may be dull but it is lively in the sheep business. Report comes of an altercation between two sheep men, one of them an old timer and well known, in which the old timer had an ear shot off and his physiognomy generally disfigured. Details of the affair are not given.

J. H. Burns returned yesterday from Hot Springs where he conducted the defense of John Rondo, the half-breed Sioux, indicted for the murder of Benj. Tibbits, Jr. The case went to the jury at 11 o’clock Tuesday night and at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the last he heard by telephone, the jury was still out. This is a favorable indication for his client.

The Martin & Mason and Clark building is going up rapidly and members of the Olympic club begin to look up at the unoccupied third story with fond anticipations of comfort and luxury and fun. The ball room will be 50 x 50 feet, about the size of the city’s hall but without the pillars and will be the best dancing hall in town. Already ladies are having new gowns made in preparation for the opening ball on February 22d, which promises to be the social event of the season. [divider]


The Clark and Martin & Mason building will be finished by Feb. 10. Work has been started on the tin roof and in a few days the windows will be put in and the plasterers will then take possession of the building. The finishing lumber has all been received from the east.


The case of Carrie Newman vs. Grace Mitchell and Eva Grimm was tried before Justice Early yesterday afternoon. The plaintiff claimed the former owed her $47 and the latter about $90 for clothes she had purchased for them and that they left her house without paying her. The defendants resisted on the ground that plaintiff bought the clothing to be worn by them and that it was for the purpose of attracting trade for an illegitimate purpose and business. The statues provide that under such circumstances a contract may be annulled. Justice Early took the matter under advisement. [divider]